Home Workout Routines and Getting Older

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Home workout routines keep you healthy as you age.

Home workout routines for women aren't just for 20-somethings. Fitness routines for women who are hitting their 40s help prevent osteoporosis, and slow mineral loss in bones, while improving strength and balance. These home fitness routines for women are crucial to leading a vibrant life as you reach your 40s, when bone mass can decrease dramatically; up to 30 percent of bone mass can decrease from ages 40 to 70. To fight the loss, add strength training workouts to improve overall fitness and feel younger. (University of Arizona)

After hitting 40, home workout routines for women are especially important to increase strength, protect and stabilize bones, and maintain balance, decreasing the chance of debilitating falls. Doctors espouse strength training workouts to improve daily functionality, and to reduce pain in the joints and muscles. Workout routines to lose weight that include a flexibility component, such as the yoga taught on the P90X® workout videos, by fitness guru Tony Horton, will leave you looking and feeling better. Other workout videos like TurboFire®, with exercise expert Chalene Johnson, cover a variety of stretching exercises that help you maintain the full range of motion.

Home workout routines for women can actually strengthen bones as you age, becoming a veritable fountain of youth. Strength training workouts, whether with weights, or resistance bands, like those found at Beachbody®, can help slow the mineral loss in bones that make them brittle and prone to breaking. Fitness routines for women that gently stretch the upper back and strengthen the shoulders can improve posture, and lessen the compression fractures in the spine from osteoporosis that cause an uncomfortable, and awkward, stooped posture. (Mayo Clinic)

The Mayo Clinic further reports that home workout routines for women that focus on aerobics done while on your feet slow mineral loss and strengthen muscles in the legs, protecting the knees and stabilizing ankles for better mobility. For bone benefits, workout routines to lose weight that include an aerobic component need to force the body to hold itself up against gravity. Swimming fitness routines for women or chair routines don't have the impact necessary for slowing mineral loss, but in cases of advanced osteoporosis, exercises that don't require you to bear your weight still carry cardiovascular benefits for better, all-around fitness. (Mayo Clinic)