Men's Exercise Programs and Full Body Workouts

Men's Full Body Workouts, Fat Burning Exercises, and Weight Loss Routines

Exercise videos for men teach in private.

Exercise videos for men can be an essential teaching tool just in case you're a man who hates to ask for help. Home workout videos teach proper form and the best muscle building workouts without the uncomfortable need to ask for guidance. Exercise programs for men can be learned in the privacy of home without embarrassment, awkwardness, or loss of status.

The best exercise videos for men replace the source of strength training exercises for too many men: high school sports training, something they saw in the gym, or gimmick fat burning exercises they read about in a glossy fitness magazine. Proper exercise programs for men need to be more than a few push ups or bench presses, some bicep curls, some time on a stationary bike, and a round on a personal favorite piece of exercise equipment. A weight loss routine for men needs to be more than carrots, sit ups, and long jogs. With exercise DVDs, men can take their full body workouts to a more advanced level with satisfying results.

Exercise videos for men are essential for not only learning proper form, but also learning which exercises are the most effective and which exercises could really hurt you. Popular strength training exercises such as lat pull downs behind the head, military presses behind the head, upright rows, and improper leg presses can impinge joints and nerves and tear ligaments and muscles. (Mayo Clinic) Home workout videos such as Tony Horton's P90X® teach safe muscle building workouts using resistance bands, dumbbells, or chin up bars, with a reminder that some types of pain mean you're doing more harm than good. The right cardio DVDs, such as Shaun T's INSANITY®, replace sloppy form on cardio machines that can hurt your joints and spine.

Exercise videos for men also keep you from cheating the exercise. Bad form on strength training exercises not only risks injury but also wastes your time. Exercise programs for men rely on you getting maximum advantage from each exercise, but if you don't do it properly because your only instruction was watching a guy across the gym do it, you're losing much of the benefit, and maybe not even targeting the muscle you want to work. Fat burning exercises are more effective when properly calculated for high intensity intervals, but you need a home workout video trainer, like Tony Horton, Shaun T, or Chalene Johnson (TurboFire®), to do that.