Exercise Programs for Men and Full Body Workouts

Men's Full Body Workouts, Weight Loss Routines, and Fat Burning Exercises

Find the right exercise videos for men.

There are countless exercise videos for men, everything from cardio DVDs to muscle building workouts. Exercise programs for men can range from focusing on specific body parts to full body workouts. Every weight loss routine for men promises fat burning exercises, insane muscle growth, the respect of men, and the admiration of women. Cut through the endless home workout video hype of many programs with a few key criteria to find the best exercise DVDs for you.

There are plenty of exercise videos for men that appeal to beginners, but they don't have exercises that will continue to challenge you as your fitness improves from intermediate to advanced. Strength training exercises on these videos tend to be simple and use light resistance, while the cardio DVDs offer little more than the minimum increase in heart rate. Too-simple fat burning exercises quickly lose their ability to help you drop pounds as your body adjusts to the challenge. Home workout videos such as Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® are great for someone just starting an exercise program, but the program also offers challenges that will keep you progressing long after you master the exercises.

At the other end, some exercise videos for men assume you're already an expert. These exercise programs for men present difficult strength training exercises without any explanation of how to do the exercise safely and for maximum effect. Cardio DVDs in this group present impossible challenges to even the intermediate athlete, increasing the chances of discouragement and of giving up a weight loss routine for men. Muscle building workouts aren't effective if they are so far beyond your present fitness level that you can't get some reps in. Home workout videos such as Tony Horton's P90X® series appeal to hard-core workout junkies, but Horton includes detailed instructions and ways to ease the exercises so even beginners can tackle his program.

Not all exercise videos for men have enough resistance training for the muscle building most men seek. Cardio DVDs can lighten you up and are good for your health, but strength training exercises are essential fat burning exercises. Home workout videos that are long on stretching and steady state cardio may help with your fitness, but they won't give you the look and feel of true muscle building workouts. The best full body workouts call for high intensity cardio and intense resistance training.