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Work off cellulite with exercise videos for women.

Enlist exercise videos for women to help rid yourself of that unsightly cellulite. You've done your abs exercise video to help build your core, so now it's time to go after the cottage cheese thighs, orange peel syndrome, hail damage, or whatever you scornfully call it. But don't fret: The best home workouts and good eating habits can often help with cellulite. It's not just about workouts for weight loss, because even thin women often have cellulite. (WebMD)

Exercise videos don't tell you that cellulite is the natural result of the way women's fat cells become larger and start protruding in lumps through the connective tissue under the skin as estrogen decreases with age. It occurs more commonly in women because their collagen has a less restrictive formation than men's, and that allows the fat to squeeze up. (Scientific American) Workouts for weight loss are only part of the answer because the appearance of cellulite also has a genetic component, with some women being more prone to it than others regardless of the amount of fat present. Cellulite is just another reason toning exercises for women become more important as women age, as it tends to worsen starting in the 30s as the skin becomes thinner. (American Council on Exercise (ACE®))

Exercise videos for women are your best weapon. Toning exercises for women are the only proven way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. As opposed to strength training exercises, there is no evidence that cellulite creams, massage, or spa treatments have lasting effects and treatments such as liposuction or mesotherapy may actually make the appearance of cellulite worse while also being more dangerous. (WebMD) Exercises for removing fat and increasing muscle tone are the only tried-and-true answer to decreasing cellulite. (WebMD, ACE) Exercise videos for women are the safe, natural, and effective approach to fighting cellulite.

The best home workouts are less expensive and more reliable than any of the experimental lasers, hormonal treatments, radio wave series, or invasive injections. Science might someday beat toning exercises for women, but the evidence right now is that you can help erase cellulite with exercise while also improving your overall quality of life with better fitness and health. The cardio on exercise DVDs such as Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® is better than any pill, for beginners and advanced athletes alike. (WebMD, ACE)