Best Ab Exercise Video and Home Workouts

Women's Workouts for Weight Loss, Home Workout Routines, and Exercise DVDs

Exercise videos are part of the equation.

Learning proper form for toning exercises for women will help you wring the most out of every workout session and move from beginner to intermediate to advanced training. The best home workout routines don't require a lot of equipment and gear to deliver a leaner physique with fewer fat dimples. Exercise videos for women such as Tony Horton's P90X® series and Shaun T's INSANITY® can teach you the best techniques for the squats and lunges that target those fat deposits on legs, butts, and stomachs. These workout videos feature advice about how to modify the exercises and never require a lot of expensive workout equipment.

These exercise videos for women also offer another important ingredient: a smart eating plan. Exercise DVDs will do little for women who eat too much. Beyond workouts for weight loss, there is evidence that certain foods actually break down fat and slow down the breakdown of collagen while improving blood flow to combat the conditions that create cellulite. After you exercise (or before), grab snacks packed with nutrition. As you do your home workout routines, increase your intake of water, which helps eliminate waste and toxins from your body.

Exercise videos for women can't block every factor affecting cellulite. For instance, strength training exercises aren't going to change the thickness and color of your skin, which affects the appearance of cellulite. Exercise can't reverse all changes associated with aging. But the best home workouts reduce fat and build muscle, improving the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise videos for women that combine cardio workouts with strength training exercises deliver the best results. (American Council on Exercise (ACE®)) Home workout routines such as those taught by Chalene Johnson on TurboFire® give you a great mix of high intensity intervals of cardio and resistance training to burn fat and tighten muscles. Combined with good eating habits, workouts for weight loss in studies have shown a marked reduction in cellulite. (ACE)