Women's Ab Exercise Videos and Home Workouts

Women's Home Workout Routines, Workouts for Weight Loss, and Exercise DVDs

Muscle up your collection of exercise videos for women.

Exercise videos for women need resistance training, but that doesn't have to mean weightlifting or using other types of equipment or gear. Exercise DVDs that use plyometrics or isometrics, such as Shaun T's intense INSANITY® or sections of Tony Horton's exhaustive P90X®, work the muscles every bit as effectively as time spent on the weight bench at the gym. Strength training exercises that use gravity and the body's own weight are effective toning exercises for women.

Many exercise videos for women shamelessly scream that they can target your belly or your thighs or the spot under your arm for fat loss. Abs exercise videos are particularly extravagant in their promises to burn localized fat areas, but the reality is different. Workouts for weight loss function by burning more calories than you take in, and your body decides where it's going to pull the extra calories from. An abs exercise video can't really focus fat loss in your belly, but what it can do is tone up the abdominal muscles with core exercises, making it look like you lost fat. The secret of toning exercises for women is that these exercises make you look thinner and healthier even without fat loss, because the muscles pull everything into better shape even if the muscle itself is not in view.

Exercise videos for women like to promise things like dropping 20 pounds in 20 weeks, when we all know the real goal is to drop a dress size or three. Strength training exercises aren't necessarily going to make the scale go down, but they'll compact your size because you are replacing light and fluffy fat with dense muscle. Toning exercises for women can shrink your size even if your weight stays the same.

The best reason for exercise videos for women to include resistance training is the simplest: Use it or lose it. Strength training exercises work on the basic premise that muscles become stronger from use, and the opposite is true—muscles become weaker without use. Home workout routines help you look and feel younger because functional fitness is a signpost of the young, and as long as you can stave off the natural muscle loss from aging by keeping your body fit and moving, you're going to act and feel a lot younger than your chronological age. (Mayo Clinic)