Men's Home Workout and Exercise Routines

Men's Workout Routines to Build Muscle, Best Exercise and Workout Programs

Home workout routines for men are nothing without push ups.

Designing a home workout routine for men without push ups is like designing a plane without wings. When looking for workout routines to build muscle, the push up in all its glorious variations is the engine that powers up those muscles men most like to show off. The best workout programs deliver variations on the push up to bulk those arms and pump up the chest.

Push up home workout routines for men primarily work the triceps, pectoral, and shoulder muscles with lesser strain on most areas of the body, particularly biceps, legs, and abdominals. These push up workout exercises should be, however, just a part of your overall fitness routine, because working the other muscles and doing cardio help build overall strength that allows you to do even more push ups. Workout routines to build muscle can target specific muscles in the upper body with just slight variations in the placement of the hands and feet, allowing you to really pump up the pecs or broaden the shoulders. Workout programs for men depend on the push up because of its versatility, making it part of exercise routines for just about any sport you want to play and a key part of the physical training for every branch of the military.

Push ups are ideal for home workout routines for men because anybody can do them, beginner to advanced, and you can do them anywhere there's enough space to stretch out on the floor. Push up home workout routines can build impressive muscles without the need for a lot of expensive and potentially dangerous weights cluttering up the house, or space-eating machines that can break down or break you financially. All you need for home workouts is some free gravity, a lot of sweat and a willingness to keep pushing when those muscles are screaming. There's a reason exercise routines everywhere use push ups: The workout exercises just work.

Don't start home workout routines for men without the advice of experts. Workout routines to build muscle have the potential to hurt you and an even greater potential to bore you as you do the same few routines you learned in ninth-grade gym class over and over. But workout videos from fitness experts like Tony Horton in P90X® and Shaun T in INSANITY® offer a stunning variety of ways to alter and improve your push up routines; ways to adjust your stance to target muscles you never dreamed of. Tony Horton's P90X workout videos incorporate push ups into power workouts, while Shaun T's INSANITY demonstrates how push ups are an important part of a power cardio workout.