Men's Home Workout and Exercise Routines

Men's Workout Routines to Build Muscle, Best Exercise and Workout Programs

Advanced push up techniques help deliver bigger and better workout routines.

During home workout routines for men using push ups, it's absolutely essential that you have the right form and you maintain that form. The best workout videos show you how to do push up variations and include lots of tips about where to place your hands, how to hold your back, and what you can do to increase the intensity. Some exercise routines will have your hands in, others will have them out, while some push up forms demand a straight back, and others want your butt in the air. In push up workout programs for men, if you don't do the form right, you're just cheating yourself and you run the risk of straining joints and muscles. Look for exercise workout DVDs like P90X® with expert Tony Horton and INSANITY® with Shaun T that offer advice for beginners as well as advanced athletes who want to pump up the intensity.

Home workout routines for men can utilize a nearly infinite variety of push ups, keeping boredom at bay during your muscle building exercises. The best workout programs target muscles with tricks such as moving your hands wider to isolate the triceps and closer to build the pecs, lifting your butt to work the shoulders, or lifting a leg to require more arm strength. Push up weight training routines employ variations that require such strength that three sets of a slow eight make up a workout, while other workouts call for you to pump push ups out as fast as you can until your arms fail. You can mix up the exercise workouts by doing such things as putting your legs on a chair to increase difficulty, or sliding one hand out while doing push ups to challenge the stabilizing muscles.

Transform push up home workout routines for men with raised grips. Many workout routines to build muscle are more effective with grips because they allow the push up to go deeper, requiring more effort and muscle. Exercise routines using the best grips help reduce strain on the wrists and forearms, and force proper form during your home workout routines. Almost any push up home workout routine you can do on the floor, you can do better with the help of the right raised grips. Horton's workout DVDs include demonstrations of the muscle-targeting uses of PowerStands®, raised and angled ergonomic foam grips with non-skid, stable circular bases for doing a variety of intense push up exercises.

Home workout routines for men relying on push ups quickly plateau, doing the same number of push ups day after day with no noticeable result, if you don't know about Muscle Confusion™. Weight training routines level off when your body goes into cruise control after it becomes used to doing the same exercise at the same weight. The best workout programs keep the body guessing by mixing up exercises, forcing the muscles to keep improving to meet the new challenges. Using push ups in home workout routines with all the exercise's intense variations delivers a constant stream of challenges that not only engage your body, but also engage your mind as you concentrate on getting the form right, keeping you on the road to ultimate fitness.

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