Men's Best Home Workouts

Men's Workout Routines to Build Muscle, Weight Training Routines, and Best Exercise Programs

Enjoy a good home workout routine for the euphoric buzz.

Twenty minutes into home workout routines, your body starts releasing endorphins, a natural morphine-like substance that can erase pain and deliver feelings of euphoria. Workout programs for men are so effective at improving mood that some have suggested that it can be a more effective way to fight depression in certain cases than therapy or antidepressant drugs. Even as your exercise routine is bumping up against your limits, it's hard not to smile when a fitness expert such as Tony Horton in the intense P90X® cheerfully challenges you to push just a little harder through the pain to that thrilling place of achievement in your exercise routine. (Of course, in any home workout routine, you must know the difference between pain that can lead to injury and the good pain that stretches your muscles to new levels of strength.)

Home workout routines for men keep piling on the benefits long after you've tossed aside your exercise clothes and hit the shower. The best workout programs give you energy in the day and then help you sleep at night so you have even more energy for the next day. Doing workout routines to build muscle is a proven way to help fall asleep faster, and sleep more deeply, a crucial factor in overall health. Toss the sleeping pills and start a strict regimen of workout routines for men, and you can be more alert at your job the next day and ready to hit the town at night.

There is more to home workout routines for men than chiseling that fabulous beach body (although that sure doesn't hurt). While you're doing weight training routines to beef up your biceps or pecs, your body is bulking up your immune system. Home workout routines are the best home remedy for what ails you. With every exercise routine, you are building your body's ability to fight off illness and reduce recovery time from injury or disease.

Home workout routines for men to relieve stress can take a variety of forms, from beginner stretching routines such as those taught on fitness guru Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® workout videos (Don't let TurboFire fool you, though, because it can crank up the intensity when you're ready) to advanced weight training routines and resistance exercises demonstrated on P90X workout DVDs by Tony Horton (who can also dial it down as you are learning). Workout DVDs are also a great choice when time is limited; just try a workout like Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® and you'll discover a few minutes can make all the difference. Even short exercise routines carry benefits (although you'll think you did a lot more than 10 minutes with Tony Horton's Super Stacking™ Technique for exercise—where there is no break with carefully selected exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time). The important thing with home workouts is that you start moving, start sweating, and let the body's natural agents strip away the stress of life's daily frustrations.