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Doing core exercises together: A few things men and women can learn from each other.

Core exercises come with their own concerns for both men and women. But there are some abdominal workout takeaways each gender could and should learn from each other. Women launching into the best ab exercises might still want to take some cues from men who are working their core as well. A guy who's conquered core exercise DVDs and thinks he's got it all down pat could also learn a few things from female athletes that just might help him on his way to a washboard stomach.

Ladies, during core exercises, or any other fitness routine, men don't fear the bulk, and neither should you! A big concern with abdominal workouts and other exercises that build strength is that women will gain large amounts of muscle mass. The best ab exercises do push both men and women to go further and further. But core exercise DVDs alone aren't going to give women oversized muscles.

When men perform core exercises, or any routines, they generally push themselves hard, but women tend to shy away from going for the burn with exercise out of a fear of bulking up. For all exercises, including abdominal exercises, this is a fallacy. Even with the best ab exercises, women won't bulk up; it's just not in their hormones. Core exercise DVDs build muscles that not only create that chiseled look, but also start burning up calories faster. So, when you're doing core exercise routines, ladies, go ahead and go for that burn!

Men, for your core exercises, you could try taking a broader approach to your abs, like women. You and your abdominal workouts might benefit from a recent research study that shows that while both men and women want to keep fit through exercise, men put the emphasis mainly on their workouts.

Women, even pursuing the best ab exercises, see fitness and health as a combination of exercise and diet. So sweating through your core exercise videos is only part of the answer to great abs, guys! Along with your core exercise routine, gentlemen, watching what you eat could mean a smoother path to getting rid of those love handles and developing a ripped core.