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In your core exercises, ladies, go for that grunt!

For core exercises, women, you should realize that intensity is good for you, too. During abdominal workouts, as it turns out, those big bursts of power that guys like to show are good for women as well. Bursting through the best ab exercises is good for everyone, as those short shots of energy are what we need to break through to the next level of fitness. Even if your core exercise video program isn't being undertaken for a six-pack, to get past whatever goal you set for your abs, ladies, you need to pump up the intensity, in a safe way, for brief periods.

Men who do core exercises could learn another thing from women, and it's a centuries-old secret to terrific core development. We're talking about the abdominal workouts known as yoga. Yoga is considered the best abs exercise because it's holistic, with postures and positions built around core work and flexibility. Chalene Johnson's core exercise DVD, Core 20, includes a 40-minute stretch class that demonstrates downward dog and mountain pose—poses taken straight from a great yoga class.

But this vital core exercise is still looked upon as primarily for women. Even today, with many abdominal workouts including yoga poses, men may shy away from it. They think these best abs exercises are wimpy, and that they may seem feminine for taking the exercises up. Men should check out core exercise DVDs in the INSANITY® and P90X® programs, which are anything but wimpy, and which utilize yoga postures to great effect.

A core exercise tip for both genders: Don't fear the unknown. Especially for abdominal workouts, women likely have seen more images of men than women crunching and sweating their way to rock solid abs, but that doesn't mean it's not a terrific routine for both sexes. And guys, the best ab exercises, like yoga, may seem to draw more women, but that doesn't mean it's not for you. When starting your core exercise DVDs, remember to get over these stereotypes, and you'll be on your way to a slimmer stomach and a stronger core.