Core Exercises and Abdominal Workouts

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Rock your core exercises workout with these tips.

Starting some core exercises? Abdominal workouts in themselves are tough going for both men and women. In addition to the best ab exercises that your home program is putting you through, there are some things to keep in mind to help you along in your progress. To your core exercise DVDs, try adding these tips to keep you on track to developing that rock-hard core.

Before and after core exercises, both men and women can feel a little stiff in their backs. For times in between abdominal workouts, trainer Tony Horton has an easy habit that everyone can adopt to help reduce the pain by improving lower back and core strength. The best ab exercises can be supplemented this way, explains Horton: "Whenever you walk, focus on your ab and glute muscles and keep them strong. You don't have to put a lot of energy into this and constantly flex your behind and abdominal areas while you go about your business," he says. So, unlike your core exercise DVDs, it's not a "workout" routine. For this "un"-core exercise workout routine, Horton says, "The key is to consciously use your gluteus and abdominal muscles whenever you stand, walk, jog, and run."

Another tip to consider: Engage the cage. Abdominal workouts can benefit from full body workouts, such as those informed by functional training. These are thought to be the best ab exercises because they provide overall fitness from the core, outward. Programs that involve these core exercise videos, which follow functional fitness, include P90X®, INSANITY®, TurboFire®, and 10-Minute Trainer®.

Core exercises built around functional fitness are particularly effective for guys. They think abdominal workouts should be a piece of cake, but guys, just because you have strong arms doesn't mean you've got a powerful core. They'll learn from the best abs exercise trainers that developing a strong core means strong movements from every part of your body. The core exercise DVDs included in 10-Minute Trainer, for example, are rotated with yoga and interval cardio training, for a more comprehensive approach to workouts.