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Total fitness DVDs travel well.

Total fitness DVDs mean you can take your workout with you when you're on the road. The portability of weight loss workout DVDs means you don't really have any excuses not to keep up with your strength training routine when you're away from home. Total body workouts are just as effective in a hotel room or your mother's spare room. You can do intense cardio workouts and advanced strength training routines as long you keep a few guidelines in mind.

Look for total fitness videos that don't use equipment. Straight cardio workouts rarely use equipment, but you need something that includes strength training routines to build muscle. The INSANITY® workout videos by expert athlete Shaun T are one way to fit the bill. Shaun T's fitness DVDs combine the pulse-pounding exertion of cardio workouts with the muscle-quivering exercises of strength training routines through the use of plyometrics. The plyometric total body workouts rely on loading a muscle and then contracting it in blasting sequences that build strength and endurance—no equipment beyond your body required.

Total fitness DVDs tend to be full of splashy moves, but when you're staying in a budget hotel room, you may not have room for a lot of jumping around. Try strength training routines using isometrics, exercises where you apply force against static resistance. Get total body workouts ideal for men and women without moving at all, using the power of gravity and your own body weight to strengthen muscles. The P90X® fitness DVDs by Tony Horton, for instance, demonstrate power-building exercises that don't take anything more than a wall to lean against or enough floor room to hold a push up pose.

Total fitness DVDs are hardly worth your time without strength training routines to build muscle. Weight loss workout DVDs are more effective when building muscle that burns more calories, but you can't exactly lug a full set of dumbbells in your luggage (not at today's overweight bag charges anyway). Get in your strength training routine with the help of light and easy-to-pack resistance bands, which can mimic just about any exercise you can do with free weights. Fitness workout DVDs, such as Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, show you how to use resistance bands to increase calorie burn and sculpt your body.