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Memorize your total fitness DVDs on the road.

Total fitness DVDs are great, but you're on vacation, or at least on a work trip: Get out of your room. Memorize a couple of weight loss workout DVD moves and take them into the nearest park. Get your cardio workouts hiking around that park, or treading the stairs of a local museum, or if you've got the hops, drop in on a pickup basketball game. Adapt some of your strength training routine, such as chin ups, to playground equipment. There are few total body workouts better than time spent in the pool. Fitness workout DVDs offer functional routines that can teach and motivate you so you have a great body to take out into the world to test it.

Don't undermine your total fitness DVDs dedication by giving up on your nutrition plan. Weight loss workout DVDs won't do you much good if you ravage the doughnuts at the continental breakfast, scarf fast food for lunch, and then eat out on a big meal. Don't waste those hours of total body workouts by throwing your nutrition plan out the window: Find some fruit and other healthy snacks you can keep in your room, and watch the portions when you eat out.

Your total fitness videos have burned in some hard-won healthy habits. You have a strength training routine, so don't just chuck it because your scenery has changed, or you'll regret it when you go back to your regular life. Grab those fitness workout DVDs and run through them on your computer in the hotel room, so that when you return home you're not back at the beginner level.

Total fitness videos are great on the road, and leave you little excuse for not exercising. Or when total body workouts aren't practical with a busy schedule of meetings or sightseeing plans, you can still sneak in some push ups and planks, maybe even some plyometrics. Try packing fitness workout DVDs that don't require much time, such as Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®. This total body workout harnesses the power of the Super Stacking™ Technique, working several muscle groups at once, for a body-sculpting workout in short order. Whatever you do, make sure you do some total body fitness.