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Total fitness DVDs with a side of eating better.

You're doing your total fitness DVDs, and you're trying to lose weight. Doing weight loss workout DVDs will only take you so far, though, if you don't have a smart nutrition plan. But a nutrition plan doesn't have to mean counting every calorie and only eating broiled skinless chicken and raw baby carrots. Total body workouts are great, but you also need a total kitchen workout.

Total fitness DVDs never tell you how daunting it is to try to count every calorie even if you actually knew how many calories were actually in half the things you eat or how to determine a serving size. Faced with a nutrition plan with more homework than college calculus, the temptation is to throw your pencil in the air and walk away. Even if your nutrition plan is plotted out like the Normandy invasion, do you really know how many calories men and women (it differs between genders) need based on size, age, and physical activities. A couple of intense cardio workouts, a strength training routine, and a slightly different body chemistry, and you're talking the difference between a hamburger with fries for lunch, or a salad with no dressing.

Pair your total fitness DVDs with an uncomplicated, smart nutrition plan, and you have a much higher chance of success. Workout videos, such as P90X® by Tony Horton, encourage you to write down how many reps and how much weight you are doing with individual exercises, because as Tony Horton says, "How do you know what to do if you don't know what you did?" The same logic for workout videos applies to your eating habits: Write down what you're eating so you have an idea of just how much and what types of food you eat. The first step of your nutrition plan is getting an eye-opening idea of what your eating habits are really like.

The total fitness DVDs of Tony Horton come with extensive food plans that are about the right nutrients to fuel your total body workouts, not about determining the caloric offering of three-quarters of a cup of skim milk in 3 ounces of a grain cereal. Although your nutrition plan might start with some calorie counting, it's only to get an idea of which foods pack energy and which food pack pounds. Tony Horton says it's just as important to recognize which foods leave you feeling sluggish and which foods pick you up, which food cravings are the result of your body's need for fat or sugar, and which cravings are just bad habits. (