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Total fitness DVDs are only part of the weight loss solution.

Just as total fitness DVDs must fit your life and your approach to exercise, so must a nutrition plan not only fit your physical needs, but also deal with cravings, habits, and tastes. That strength training routine will leave your body hungering for protein, but you may be misinterpreting it as a craving for something fatty. Cardio workouts may leave you thinking you want a sweet soda, but what your body really wants is the vitamins in sweet, sweet fruits. Just as fitness workout videos help you break bad physical habits, you also need a nutrition plan to move you past the idea you just have to have a doughnut in the car on the way to work.

The equation of total fitness DVDs is simple: More activity burns more calories. But doing workout videos for 1 hour can burn anywhere from 365 calories for low impact done by a beginner weighing 160 pounds to 796 calories for a 240 pound person doing advanced cardio workouts. (Mayo Clinic) Change the total body workouts to other activities, and the numbers start sliding around; it's impossible for anyone but the most dedicated calorie-counter to keep track of. So keep your workout videos math simple: Do as much activity as you can. For weight loss workouts, the Mayo Clinic suggests as much as 5 hours a week of intermediate cardio workouts and two strength training routines a week may be needed to lose weight. (Mayo Clinic) Fitness workout DVDs such as Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® can help you wedge in those workouts if that seems like a lot of time.

Advanced total fitness videos will keep burning the calories after the workout is done (another complicated calculation arguing for a simpler approach). Fitness workout DVDs that employ high intensity interval training, such as TurboFire® by Chalene Johnson, burn more calories. The TurboFire fitness DVDs incorporate high intensity interval training that sets your body up to keep burning extra calories even while you're sleeping.

Your total fitness DVDs are only half of the equation, with eating smart being the other half. Your nutrition plan only needs to be as complicated as more fresh foods, less processed meals, smaller portions, and skipping the sugary drinks. With your fitness videos staring at you from below the TV, you already know you need to eat less, but simply writing down what you are actually eating will help make real changes, without checking the digital scale. Total fitness DVDs such as those at Beachbody®, including Shaun T's INSANITY®, can help you. Shaun T's workout videos come with nutrition guides that help you plan meals for maximum muscle building so you ingest the fuel you need, without a lot of extra calories you will just have to burn off later.