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Partners for home fitness workouts come in all shapes.

It's too easy to slack off home fitness workouts if you don't have someone pushing you. Watch fitness DVDs, such as expert athlete Shaun T's INSANITY®, and notice how those exercising both support and challenge the others in the group. It's great to have home workout videos, such as INSANITY, that have such an inspiring host, but you will do even better if you have a real-world partner. On Tony Horton's fitness DVDs, such as P90X®, he repeatedly exhorts you to find a partner. On Tony Horton's fitness workout DVDs, you can clearly see how important it is for him to work with his friends, as they push each other to more reps and greater exertions through friendly rivalries and enthusiastic support.

Take your home fitness workouts to the Internet if you can't find a flesh-and-blood partner. In online workout communities, people share their whole body workouts, you can learn from others, and maybe even brag a bit about your own innovations or progress. Find intermediate cardio workout partners on the Team Beachbody® Message Boards. Here you'll find home workout video advice from Coaches, and can ask any questions you have. Post your fitness workout routines, and you'll feel pressure to stick with it and even do better.

Home fitness workouts come in all types of activities that supplement your workout DVDs, so enlist your dog or even your neighbor's dog. Enjoy superb cardio workouts taking the dog for a run, or just a walk if you're a beginner. Turn playtime into fitness workout routines, with high intensity intervals of running, dodging, and throwing sticks. The best thing for a weight loss workout program is sticking with it, and a dog won't let you take a day off without sad eyes.

Home fitness workouts don't ever have to be a lonely thing—even without a flesh-and-blood partner for workouts. Fitness DVDs can be your partner with a little discipline on your part and a great motivator on the DVD. Big personalities, such as Tony Horton (P90X and 10-Minute Trainer®), Chalene Johnson (TurboFire®), or Shaun T (INSANITY), can fill a room, propelling you through whole body workouts with a smile. The advantage of fitness workout DVDs is that great trainers, such as Johnson, Horton, and Shaun T can teach you advanced fitness workout routines and anticipate how you might struggle with the exercises so they can give you detailed instructions.