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Enlist core workout DVDs to protect your back.

Core workout DVDs are a crucial shield against the debilitating pain of degenerative disc disease and related back pains. Core body workouts give your spine defensive strength against the natural breakdown of the spine due to aging or the sudden trauma of an accident or fall. (WebMD) A strength training routine is not just about getting ripped; the core exercises are also about making your body healthier. Time spent with fitness DVDs can help ward off disease and injury throughout your life.

Core workout DVDs generally target the muscles of the abdominals and the back, but the exercises can also work the muscles of the upper and lower body, such as the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis (your six pack muscle), internal obliques, external obliques, multifidus, spinal erectors, lats, glutes, hip flexors, hip abductors, and traps. Core body workouts strengthen the muscles that stabilize and support the spine, the source of any other body movement you might want to do. Your cardio workout DVDs help you prevent serious injury, so you want the best core workouts to safeguard your spine. (Men’s Fitness)

Therefore, core workout DVDs need to cover a lot of muscles to really protect your spine. Ab workouts of endless crunches or sit ups alone aren't enough because that six pack is only one small part of the core. The best core workouts for men and women challenge muscles from the hips to the shoulders, through a variety of ranges of motion, because protecting the spine also means stabilizing the pelvis and shoulder girdle. (Beachbody®)

You need core workout DVDs because most daily activities don't really challenge the core muscles. The best core workouts target those muscles with strength training routines. Cardio workout DVDs can add an element of stretching that is key to back health, but it's strength training routines that will bolster your spine in the long run. Core body workouts are so essential to back health that not only can the exercises prevent or slow degeneration in the spine and reduce the frequency of back pain episodes, but the workouts can also actually relieve back pain by stabilizing and supporting the discs of your spine.