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Benefits of core workout DVDs go way beyond ripped abs.

Core workout DVDs protect your spine through more than just the stabilizing benefits of increased muscle strength. Fitness DVDs that include core workout routines also improve such things as your balance and overall stability, allowing you to play sports or just wrestle with your kid with less chance of a fall or an awkward wrench. The best core workouts will improve your performance in just about any sport you can name because most of your power motions originate from your core. (Mayo Clinic)

Core workout DVDs also make men and women look better, not just trimmer. The best core body workouts help improve your posture and fluidity, as core muscles pull you into shape and give you a better foundation for all your movements. Bad posture during a strength training routine raises the risk of injury. But do a few rounds of home workout DVDs concentrating on core muscles, and you will be standing taller and more confidently—always a good look.

Test your need for core workout DVDs with the simple test of doing a plank: If you can do it for 2 minutes, your core is in good shape; less and you need some work. (Men’s Fitness) Your strength training routine is actually dangerous if your core is not strong, because it takes those abdominal and back muscles to keep the spine steady and safe while you're doing other heavy lifting exercises, such as squats or military presses. Transversely, properly done strength training routines continue to work the core as your body struggles to steady the spine under load.

Core workout DVDs can approach these essential spine-protecting exercises in a variety of ways. The best core workouts engage multiple muscles of the torso as a unit, front and back, while the spine is kept stable. (Beachbody®) Advanced home workout DVD programs, such as Tony Horton's P90X®, Shaun T's INSANITY®, and Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, devote individual fitness workout DVDs to exercising the core. Core body workouts include advanced exercises with workout balls, intermediate exercises using resistance, and simple body weight exercises for beginners. Cardio workout DVDs and yoga workout DVDs, such as those found with Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, also provide back protection as their stretching movements toughen muscles in the core, while keeping the body limber.