Core Fitness DVDs

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Core workout DVDs make your fun time more fun.

Better recreation time starts with core workout DVDs. Core body workouts are essential to performing better in just about any activity you want to name, because your arms and legs aren't going anywhere or doing anything without your torso. A strength training routine that ignores the best core workouts won't get you far even if you build huge muscles in your arms and legs. (Mayo Clinic) For example, here are six activities where core body workouts will improve performance and, therefore, enjoyment:

Core workout DVDs will take you farther, at least if you are sitting on a bike. Core body workouts strengthen the muscles that put power into your pedaling. Home workout DVDs with a core body element strengthen the muscles that keep you straight and tall in the saddle so you don't lose force from swaying side to side. The best core workouts also help ward off the lower back pain that is the bane of any intermediate cyclist. Strength training routines are necessary because, although pedal power depends on a solid core, the act of bicycling doesn't actually help build those muscles. (

Also, serve up some core workout DVDs if you want to improve your tennis game. The best core workouts will improve your serve and your volley by strengthening the muscles that rotate your trunk, where the real smack comes from. Core body workouts also improve your balance and stability, giving you the ability to pivot from net to the back line and back again. Cardio workout DVDs, such as Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, also help melt off the fat that puts lead in your feet on the court by using high intensity intervals similar to the bursts of energy needed in a tennis match.

Speaking of courts, core workout DVDs can give you an advantage on any type of court. A strength training routine that includes exercises for the core will improve your basketball game as well. The best core workouts are going to give you the foundation for faster, sharper pivots to drive for the basket, or to shuffle to the side on defense to cut off another player's angle. (Men’s Fitness)