Core Fitness DVDs

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Core workout DVDs help you improve all kinds of sport skills.

10-Minute Trainer Clearly, core workout DVDs are one way to help you to dominate at whatever your chosen sport is. Cardio workout DVDs are great for raising your endurance levels, but core body workouts are where the real skill improvements come. Advanced home workout DVDs, such as Tony Horton's P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, include functional fitness movements—core body workouts that mimic real-world movements. Fitness workout DVDs by athletes, such as Shaun T's INSANITY®, include core workouts because that's where all the body's power flows from.

So take your core workout DVD lessons to the soccer pitch, and test your strength against other men and women. Advanced fitness videos these days are doing a lot of exercises with Swiss balls and BOSU® Balls* that require stabilizing muscles in the torso. The uneven footing of these strength training routines works the same kinds of muscles that it takes to handle a soccer ball with one foot while turning or hopping on the other. The best core workouts also add power to your kick, as it takes a strong torso to deliver power with one foot while balancing on the other.

Core workout DVDs aren't just for the running sports. Core body workouts will make your drive off the tee go farther and straighter. Strength training routines for the torso give you the power and control for the twisting movement of smashing a golf ball with the big dog. The best core workouts will add length to your drive and keep you strong enough to hit as hard on the 18th tee as you did the first tee. (

Or maybe your core workout DVDs need to be part of your entire strength training routine. Core body workouts are an essential element to doing weight lifting of any type. Ab workouts alone aren't enough to protect your spine when you're in the squat rack or under the military press. Intense strength training routines need a stable trunk to deliver power to the limbs and, also, to stabilize the spine for safety while it's under load. Core body workouts truly should be at the core of any regimen, whether for beginners or advanced athletes. (Men’s Fitness)

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