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With the best ab workout DVDs, try a little motivation!

Even the best ab workout DVDs won't get you that four, six, or eight pack if the DVDs just sit on the shelf. Especially if you're trying abdominal exercises for the first time, it's going to take some motivation to get those DVDs in the player, and get your body to work out when you need it to, throughout the week. Upbeat abdominal workout videos with a motivational trainer are a smart first step. Along with your new ab routine, you might want to consider these tips for staying motivated on your way to that shimmering six pack!

You've invested in the best ab workout videos you can find, and you're ready to take the plunge. So why do those abdominal exercises alone? A terrific advantage of abdominal workout DVDs is that your home is your own private gym, so try extending an invite to a buddy. Your first ab routines are going to be grueling enough; if you draft a workout buddy, you'll have a great friend that you trust pushing you along.

The best ab workout DVDs can only get better when done in pairs. Abdominal exercises with a buddy are particularly helpful if you're both beginners, and have had a tendency to quit a new program. Abdominal workout videos with the power of two just might be what you both need. You'll notice that the ab routines in Beachbody® programs aren't just an instructor showing you what to do by him or herself. The best ab exercises are ones where one or more people are there, demonstrating how the exercises are properly performed.

Working through the best ab workout videos for your first time, it's also a smart idea to plan those workouts in advance. Taking on new abdominal exercises is like undertaking any new exercise routine, whether you're running or pumping iron. Your date with your abdominal workout DVDs should be firm and set up ahead of time, in a set place. Doing this for your ab routine creates accountability.