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Make a permanent date with your ab workout for motivation.

Setting a time for the best ab workout videos follows one of the fundamental guidelines of fitness guru Tony Horton. Firming the date for abdominal exercises, and a place to do them, runs parallel to Horton's Law #7, "Make A Plan." Abdominal workout DVDs should be treated just like any class or scheduled event. So write your abs routine down on the calendar a month ahead—in pen! These best ab exercises, then, will become a permanent part of your life.

For beginning your first, best ab workout videos, you might try aiming for a long-term goal, too. Your new abdominal exercises could benefit from a Birthday Challenge. Let those new abdominal workout videos be a step toward notching some personal bests on your next birthday. For example, doing your ab routine in a set amount of time on your birthday, and then add some other goals, like hiking 10 miles, or taking on a rock-climbing gym that day, to add to the physical challenges. Along with the best ab exercises, these are fun living "bucket lists" that provide great motivation.

The best ab workout DVDs should also have a great motivator within their programs: variety. Abdominal exercises that aren't solely focused on the abs provide your mind and body with some needed relief. Abdominal workout videos should be rotated in with other videos, like cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility. Mixing up your ab routine ensures that your core won't get overworked, and you have a little Muscle Confusion™ so you don't reach plateaus.

Some of the best ab workout videos are within P90X®, INSANITY®, 10-Minute Trainer®, and TurboFire®, which are all from Beachbody®. Abdominal exercise trainer Tony Horton considers variety essential. The man behind great abdominal workout DVDs says: "Boredom, plateaus, and injury are the enemy, and the only way to combat them is through variety." For ab routines, or any new routine you're launching into, Horton's advice is to change up your routine, and don't be afraid to add some jogging, dancing, or strength training as you go along, just to keep challenging yourself in different ways.