Johanna N.
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August 2005


Dear Beachbody,

I have come a long way since beginning Power 90 on March 29, 2004. I was totally and completely out of shape, grossly overweight, eating all the wrong stuff, and was a true couch potato. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be anything else but that person. I had just accepted that this was how I was supposed to be. I was destined to be overweight and would probably struggle to get around in my old age.

But after a lot of soul searching, I decided I should at least try to get rid of some of the excess. I began to mind what I was eating a little more (and what a wake-up call that turned out to be!). I never really considered myself an overeater, so that was a tough idea to get my head around. Now I know that I was just choosing the wrong stuff more times than not.

In addition to making better food choices, I also started to exercise a bit. This was really difficult at first because I could easily get winded by walking down the hall or going out to the car. I moved very slowly in almost everything I did. I did not have a real goal in mind, nor did I have a plan. I just knew that every little bit was an improvement, in my condition. I lost just over 20 pounds mindlessly wandering through assorted fitness videos and consuming a lot of salad. I liked that I was losing weight, but there was no real commitment on my part.

Then one sleepless night I stumbled upon Beachbody's Power 90 infomercial on the television. I was intrigued by what I saw and heard, but unfortunately not enough to make the call right then. However, I did think about it a lot and I finally checked out the Web site . . . I was immediately hooked, something just clicked in my head. I had to give it a try (after all, it certainly couldn't make things worse).

I anxiously awaited the arrival of the DVDs and other materials. I could hardly wait to begin. I even watched the first video at work, because I could not wait to get home for a preview! I got really pumped up and was ready to begin almost as soon as I walked through the front door. All I can say is that I attempted it. I was not very coordinated, but I tried. By the time I finished, I felt like someone had beat me up . . . and let's not even talk about the aches and pains the following days. At the time I weighed 278 pounds. Yikes!

Over the next several days I grew more comfortable with the workouts and definitely more coordinated, and I eagerly awaited the end of my workday so I could get home and get started. What had come over me? Were my thoughts being controlled by aliens or something? By the end of the first round, my energy had easily quadrupled. I was loving it, plain and simple! I could not remember being this excited about anything, much less exercise. Each day brought a little more progress in my level of strength and ability, each week revealed results that I could not have imagined before that, and at the end of the 90 days I was a changed woman! Now I actually feel like something is missing when I do not get in a good workout! And I constantly find myself pushing harder and further.

Today the scale read 166 pounds. Since beginning Power 90, I have lost a total of 112 pounds, about 88.5 inches, and 19% body fat. It's very hard to believe that this has happened to me, and sometimes I have to do a double-take at the reflection looking back from the mirror.

Since beginning this program, I have come to recognize that with commitment, determination, and consistency along with a LOT of hard work, anything is possible. I have completed two rounds of Power 90 and am just about halfway through Slim in 6. And the best part is that I am still anxious to get home each day so I can work out.

Loving this is what is keeping me motivated! And I am determined to stay motivated for the rest of my life!!! I have accepted that this is what I want, and doing something I love is how I am going to stay there!

Thank you so much, Tony! Thank you, Debbie! Thank you, Beachbody!! I am certain that I would not be where I am today without you.

Johanna N. (jobaby)

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"Thank you Johanna for sharing your journey with us. Your story gives me hope and inspiration. I really need to hear that someone who also felt trapped in a body they were unhappy with was able to emerge a new and stronger person. Best of luck to you and continued progress."

"Thanks Johanna, I am just starting p90x, and am abit intimidated. I have been up to 230 pounds, and hearing your story makes me feel that I can succeed too. I think that just keeping on going is probably what's needed. You are inspirational, and you look incredible. CONGRATULATIONS. Andree Spark-DePass"

– Andree Spark-DePass, Red Hook, NY

"I just purchased the P90X system and I am scared to death.. I read the nutrition information booklet and I am confused as hell. i weight 252 lbs and I am fat. I figured my rmr and bmr and all the rest, but I cannot fathom eating 3,ooo.00 calories using the fat shredder to get started.. I mean how am I going to lose weight eating all those calories and I hate meat....Help me please anyone I am so confused.. You are an inspiration. "

– Deiadra Kelly, Warren, MI

"Thank you so much for sharing your story. You were at the weight I currently am. I bought Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T but as of now have not even tried it. It was sitting in the box. You have definately inspired me. I used to be fit before I was married. Then my marriage hit me with horrible depression and while I have been alone for 4 years and had lost 60 pounds. I gained it all back when I had a highly stressful job. I will give Hip Hop Abs a chance. Many blessings."

– Shirley, Mesa, AZ

"I think you have done an AMAZING job losing the weight and keeping it off. I've often wondered when I see before and after pics like yourswhere does the skin go. I hope I can lose the weight like you have."

– Tonya, Darlington, SC

"i just purchased P90X and im still waiting for it to come in the mail and ive owned Turbo Jam for about a year now and i just started working out with my Turbo jam this week and i just want to say is that i think u are my inspiration and motivation to keep with it."

– Chase B., huntley, MT

"I have started turbo jams and I'll do really good for about a week the i get really busy and feel like there's no time to keep going. I've read your story and i'm really going to try to keep going. Thank you for your thoughts."

– angela payne, colville, WA

"OH my gosh. YOU GO GIRL. You are such an inspiration. Now, i do have a question, as I am starting my journey, so i hope its not to personal or anything. As you lost the weight and worked out, did your skin all stretch back. Also did any stretch marks go away. I am so worried about how flabby my body might turn out, and I dont want to loose all the weight and still be upset with my body, you know what I mean. Thanks in advance"

– Ashley, newport, NC

"Thank you for sharing your story. This is motivating to know that someone in much the same condition that I am in now has been so successful. I started Power90 5 days ago and I also weigh 278 lbs. I've been scared that I might not succeed again so finding your story while out searching for motivation has been inspiring. Thanks"

– Linda Campbell, Oakville, ON

"thank you for your testimony. I wanted to know if women over 220lbs could do this workout and you did. Now I know I can buy this and not get discouraged."

– surarugeny, Houston, TX

"Thanks for sharing your experience ... I am getting all my things ready to start the insanity... I am hoping to have the same great results..."

– Johanna, Port Charlotte, FL

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