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Crush your competition from the ground up! Shaun T improves your running, jumping, and agility skills by perfecting your form and control when you contact the ground. This 20-minute pro athlete workout helps you prevent injury, and makes your moves quicker, sharper, and more explosive than ever.
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Slim Series<sup>®</sup>

Slim Series®

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Get maximum results with minimal impact! Debbie Siebers takes Slim Training® to the next level with 6 advanced workouts that help you totally reshape your body without high impact. She combines intense cardio with greater resistance so you can get the lean, strong body you've always dreamed of. Plus get Debbie's easy-to-use diet tools FREE!
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ChaLEAN Extreme<sup>®</sup>

ChaLEAN Extreme®

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Want to burn up to 60% of your body fat? With Chalene's 3-phase circuit training system, you'll burn fat even while you sleep! Because Muscle Burns Fat®! Plus get 5 FREE gifts to keep worth $120.00!
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ChaLEAN Extreme<sup>®</sup><br /> Deluxe Upgrade

ChaLEAN Extreme®
Deluxe Upgrade

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Add 7 more extreme workouts to your ChaLEAN Extreme collection, and the resistance tools you need to maximize your results, including a stability ball! Choose the Medium Ball if you're under 5'4" or the Large Ball if you're over 5'4". Plus get 2 FREE bands!
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Chalene Johnson's Get On the Ball!

Chalene Johnson's Get On the Ball!

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For ripped, rock-hard abs and blazing-fast results, Chalene's breakthrough program is unmatched! Plus get a FREE Turbo Ball—your secret weapon against fat!
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FOCUS T25<sup>®</sup> GAMMA Deluxe


Want to get it done better and faster? Prepare to take on the next 4 weeks of FOCUS T25. These advanced GAMMA Cycle workouts and training tools were specially designed to burn more fat, and help you carve lean, strong muscles, fast. Plus, get 2 FREE gifts!
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FOCUS T25<sup>®</sup> Core Speed

FOCUS T25® Core Speed

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Grab a towel and try to keep up! Shaun T's sweat-dripping, core-focused 25-minute speed workout doesn’t waste a second. It’ll have you pushing hard, burning fat, and getting shredded in record time.
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