Improve your strength and flexibility for a leaner, sexier body.

Beachbody<sup>®</sup> Squishy Ball

Beachbody® Squishy Ball

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Tighten and tone your abs and sculpt your inner thighs with this amazing little resistance tool. It'll also improve your coordination and flexibility! Size: 6 diameter (color and size may vary)
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$12.95 (+$5.95 s&h)

Yoga Booty Ballet<sup>®</sup> Pure & Simple Yoga

Yoga Booty Ballet® Pure & Simple Yoga

Recharge, reenergize, slim, and tone your body. Go through an exhilarating 30-minute classic yoga routine without any difficult choreography. (+$2.95 s&h)
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$19.95 (+$4.95 s&h)

Beachbody<sup>®</sup> Balance Ball

Beachbody® Balance Ball

This baby targets everything—your abs, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs, and buns. Use it with weights or without—won't burst if punctured. Includes foot pump plus a FREE Top 10 Balance Ball Moves guide. Color may vary.
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$29.95 - $34.95
(+$6.95 s&h)

Sculpting Band

Sculpting Band

Sculpt your abs, inner thighs, and upper body to get a sexy and shapely physique. Improve your strength and range of motion, too!
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$9.00 (+$2.95 s&h)

Yoga Monster Mat

Yoga Monster Mat

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This thick, textured sticky mat will comfortably stabilize your yoga practice so you can focus on proper alignment and balance. (Used with all Beachbody® programs.) May ship separately. Color may vary. Size: 24" x 68"
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$29.95 (+$6.95 s&h)

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

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Increase your strength and flexibility with this high-density, closed-cell foam yoga block. Color may vary.
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$16.95 (+$5.95 s&h)

Yoga Booty Ballet<sup>®</sup><br /> Master Series

Yoga Booty Ballet®
Master Series

Strengthen and tone your core with this targeted YBB workout featuring Gillian and Teigh's signature moves, Pilates core exercises, and challenging yoga postures. (29 minutes)
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$19.95 (+$2.95 s&h)

Beachbody<sup>®</sup> Jump Mat

Beachbody® Jump Mat

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The Beachbody Jump Mat is the only mat you'll need to get through extreme plyometrics workouts like the ones in P90X®, INSANITY®, INSANITY: THE ASYLUM®, and TurboFire®. No home gym should be without it!
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Beachbody<sup>®</sup> Core Comfort Mat

Beachbody® Core Comfort Mat

Get instant, cushioning support throughout your core workouts with this compact, go-anywhere floor-exercise mat. (Used with all Beachbody® programs.) May ship separately. Color may vary. Size: 24" x 40"
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$29.95 (+$9.95 s&h)

Core/Yoga Gear

Beachbody® offers a wide range of fitness gear and premium workout apparel to enhance your results as you lose weight and sculpt healthy, lean muscle.