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Horchata Shakeology

Horchata Shakeology

Have you tasted horchata? We created this healthy Horchata Shakeology recipe to taste like the creamy, cinnamon-spiced drink enjoyed all over Latin America.

Just Call Your Mom Already | BeachbodyBlog.com

Just Call Your Mom Already

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, rolling around on May 8th this year. What present can you give the woman who birthed or adopted you that appropriately repays her all that she’s done for you? How do you say thanks to that?

Vegan Lime Cheesecake Cups Recipe | BeachbodyBlog.com

Vegan Lime Cheesecake Cups

Sweet, tart, and refreshing, this raw Vegan Lime Cheesecake Cups recipe lets you have your cheesecake and eat it too…every day, if that’s your fancy. It’s light and creamy and is only about 139 calories and 6 grams of fat per serving. Get the recipe.

Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad Recipe | BeachbodyBlog.com

Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad

Composed of just three main ingredients, this fennel and orange salad is an elegant dish to serve to company, but it’s easy enough to make on a weeknight. Get the recipe.

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl | BeachbodyBlog.com

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Get your camera ready – this is definitely an Instagram-worthy recipe. Not only do smoothie bowls look gorgeous, but they taste incredible, too!

How to Eat Leading up to Your Big Endurance Event | BeachbodyBlog.com

How to Eat Leading up to Your Big Endurance Event

Ah, the week before a big race. You’ve been training vigorously for months…but you’re not done prepping yet! Strategic feeding in the days leading up your big marathon, triathlon, or cycling race can be a game changer. Here, we break it down.