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Breathe Easier This 4th of July

Summer is in full swing with BBQs, beach days, and…well, pretty much any excuse to soak up the sun. The prediction for this holiday weekend? All of that, plus fireworks!   Whether you’re kicking off celebrations today or waiting until Saturday, there might be one more thing you to consider this weekend: air pollution. We’re

Carbs Secret to Athletic Performance bread

How Carbs Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy. In fact, if you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, they’re a potent ally. Along with fat, carbs are fuel. Fat provides the long-burn source; carbs, the short burn. The body stores both, but can store glycogen (the resident energy of carbohydrates) in far less quantity.

15 Helpful Grilling Tips

15 Helpful Grilling Tips

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to give your oven a vacation and break out the barbecue! These tips will help you improve your skills whether you’re new to grilling or you’re a pro at cooking over fire. 1. To make cooking easier, clean your grill thoroughly before and after each use with a sturdy

7 Patriotic Recipes for 4th of July

Patriotic Recipes to Celebrate the 4th of July

No Independence Day is complete without a few red, white, and blue treats! Celebrate America’s birthday with some of the patriotic recipes below.  They’re all easy to make and will make your partygoers ooh and ahh almost as much as they will over the fireworks!   Independence Day Fruit Tray No recipe needed for this

Seven Great New Traditions to Start This 4th

Seven Great New Traditions to Start This 4th

This year, it’s time to try some new traditions for Independence Day! Here are seven that could make your 4th of July even more fun. All You Can Eat Every year, Nathan’s on Coney Island hosts a hot dog eating contest. We don’t recommend partaking in this, but what about a watermelon eating one? Line

7 Healthy Burgers to Try This Summer

7 Healthy Burgers To Try This Summer

There is something so satisfying about a good burger! That’s why we created seven tasty burgers for you to try this summer, made with everything from beef or turkey, to savory veggie options. Get the recipes.

Star Spangled Fruit Salad

Star Spangled Fruit Salad

This Star Spangled Fruit Salad is so easy to make—simply cut watermelon into ½-inch thick slices and then cut with a small star-shaped cookie cutter. If you have a couple different sizes it looks even better! Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: None Total Time: 15 Minutes Yield: 4 servings, about ½ cup each Ingredients:

Meal Prep Monday

Meal Prep Monday – Week 23

Almost every weekend, Beachbody’s Social Media Manager (and fitness fanatic) Amanda Meixner preps her healthy meals and shares her photos on her Instagram account. Her simple recipes and colorful photos of mouthwatering food remind us that healthy meal prep doesn’t have to be hard to be good. She eats about 1,500-1,799 calorie per day. Want to see more

General Mills Removes Artifical Ingredients

General Mills Joins the Push for Natural Ingredients

Your breakfast cereal is about to get real. Like, no more artificially-colored blue moons real. General Mills announced earlier this week that it’s phasing out artificial colors and flavors in its breakfast cereals. The company has spent the past couple years reformulating the recipes for its popular cereals, and by 2017, only natural colors and

Sunflower Shake

Sunflower Shake

Brighten up your day with this tangy Sunflower Shake made with pineapple, sunflower seeds, and golden raisins. Get the recipe here.

How to Cut a Pineapple

An Easy Way to Cut a Pineapple

Is there any fruit that’s more “summer” than than pineapple? Ok, ok, strawberries do give them pretty good competition. But, no matter what your favorite summer fruit is, it’s hard to to deny that whether you’re eating pineapples straight, grilling them up, or throwing them into a salad (or a smoothie!), the golden fruits are