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5 of the Best Beauty Apps Out There

5 of the Best Beauty Apps Out There

By Alexis Farah Whether you want to order food, squeeze in a workout, or get a Fido a walk in the middle of the day, there’s a smartphone app for that. So, it should come as no surprise that you can use your handheld device to up your glam game…without having to run around town.

24 mind-blowing body transformations

24 Mind-Blowing Body Transformations

These incredible “before” and “after” photos can help bust any excuse to skip a workout. Each of these men and women achieved their health and fitness goals with help from Beachbody’s proven system of fitness, nutrition, and support. As a reward for their inspirational achievements, each has received at least $1,000 in prizes from the Beachbody Challenge contest. These 24 winners

Meal Prep Mondays

Meal Prep by 21 Day Fix Fans

These 21 Day Fix fans are setting themselves up for success by prepping healthy meals in advance. Check out the #21DayFixApproved meals they made this week. They shared their great ideas with us via Instagram. Want to see your meal prep ideas on The Beachbody Blog? Email your healthy meal prep photos to and you could be

Blueberry Sunshine Shakeology

Blueberry Sunshine Shakeology

Rise and shine and get your day off to a great start with this nutritious blueberry and banana smoothie! Get the recipe for Blueberry Sunshine Shakeology.

What Is Tabata

What Is Tabata Training?

If you could microwave a workout down to 1/15th the amount of time—the way you can, say, a bag of popcorn—you’d do it, right? Well, one fitness protocol — Tabata — promises to do just that, and in some cases delivers even better results. What is Tabata? Tabata is a four-minute form of High Intensity

7 Ways to Cool Off This Summer

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Tired of the summer heat but don’t want to go over budget? What can you do besides sweating it out? Here are a few tips for keeping cool. Drink yourself cool But don’t reach for the margaritas. Cool? Yes. Hydrating? No! The key to staying cool is to stay hydrated. Try to avoid caffeine and

Beachbody Challenge 2015 Grand Prize Winners

$100,000 Grand Prize Winners of the Beachbody Challenge 2015!

Meet the Grand Prize Winners of the Beachbody Challenge 2015! They achieved the most inspirational weight loss transformations of the year with Beachbody’s proven system of fitness, nutrition, and support, and your votes helped them win over $100,000 each! Randi Hernandez from Seward, NE. Age group: 50 and over Program used: 21 Day Fix +

Eggs in Bell Pepper Rings

Eggs in Bell Pepper Rings

Add a little color to your morning with these fun eggs cooked in bell pepper rings. They are an easy brunch dish, too! Garnish with fresh herbs, like basil, dill, chives, if desired. Total Time: 31 min. Prep Time: 10 min. Cooking Time: 21 min. Yield: 6 servings Ingredients: Nonstick cooking spray 1 large bell

5 Supplements to Transform Your Workouts

5 Supplements That Could Transform Your Workouts

Nima Alamdari glanced over his shoulder like a character from a bad detective movie before he pushed the collection of blank white tubs across the table. “You really need to try these supplements, mate,” he said in that proper London accent that makes one sound like an expert in everything. “They’re bloody fantastic.” If you’re